Side-by-Side Logs and Screen Recording for Easier Debugging

Debug Tool natively written for MacOS


LogJam is available also on GitHub, or click here to download latest release

Precise Timestamp Extraction

Effortlessly parse precise timestamps from log entries, capturing detailed date and time information down to milliseconds. Essential for chronological analysis and understanding the sequence of events.

Comprehensive Content Extraction

Besides timestamps, our application excels at extracting the entire content of log messages. From method calls to URL responses, status codes, and headers, it captures verbose content spanning multiple lines with ease.

Efficient Multiline Support

Our app boasts remarkable multiline support, seamlessly handling complex log entries. Even amidst intricate response data spanning several lines, it adeptly captures details without being disrupted by line breaks.

Advanced Pattern Matching

Utilizing sophisticated regular expressions, our application identifies and isolates various parts of log entries for in-depth analysis or display. Expect unparalleled pattern recognition to manage diverse and intricate log formats effortlessly.

Streamlined Debugging and Troubleshooting

Providing detailed chronological event sequences and response data, our app serves as an invaluable tool for developers and engineers. Identify and resolve issues within your applications or systems with precision and efficiency.

Effective Monitoring and Alerting

With timestamped entries, our application empowers you to assess the performance of different components within your system. Measure response times and pinpoint bottlenecks effortlessly, enabling proactive optimization and performance enhancement.



  • Release on App Store
  • Minor fixes from Beta run